We are a creative agency with a passion for design & developing beautiful creations.
Creative - 91%
Development - 100%
Innovative - 80%

At Spacetunes Interiors, we are a team which offers you design, build and assistance to transform your place into a HOME where all your dreams and wishes of an interior are made to come be, our skilled designers and craftsmen will work with you to create an environment that is right for you to cherish and live-in for ever. No matter how big or small the project, from a room to a full office or house, we guarantee that the Space will be tuned with the best of Interiors you will fall in love with.

Spacetunes interiors tunes your home according to your space. It makes your home attractive, eye catching, convenient, colorful, comfortable. Spacetunes interiors do the service by considering the individual tastes, which tunes positive energy in their minds & atmosphere. Our master mind tunes your bedrooms, kitchen cabins, bathrooms, storage purpose items, display items furniture for different purpose, landscaping and gardening like exterior work, etc... in a royal manner.

Spacetunes Creative Academy

has been established with the sole aim of offering quality education and training in the field of interior design.

What is our goal

Add professionals in the field of Interior Design who also can be entrepreneurs, to craft out unique decors, to meet the ever growing demands and opportunities offered around the globe.

Who we are

Experienced dedicated professionals in the field of edification and decor, with a passion;
-To pass on knowledge to those who are eager to gain and excel, in a profession with no boundaries.
-To listen, create, transform and satisfy customers.

What you get

Detailed courses Filled with interaction among faculty and to-be professionals, enriched by workshops and hands-on Field experience. An enviable certification From the National Development Agency, Promoted by Govt. of India, upon successful completion of the course. Personal satisfaction and envy of others.


Advanced Diploma in Architecture & Interior Designing
Duration : 1 Year

Diploma in Interior Designing
Duration : 6 Months

Certified by NDA, Promoted by Government of India